Harry Lary’s VAMPIRY


  • Shape: Oval
  • Lens Size: 52mm
  • Bridge Size: 16mm
  • Unisex
  • Material: Full-Zyle Acetate
  • Ophthalmic
  • Handmade in France

    OPTYX is the first online eyewear retailer to offer DIGITAL prescription lenses by Shamir. These lenses are superior to generic prescription lenses offered by other retailers. For more information please visit SHAMIR.

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    Anti-glare is a very important feature on a prescription lens. Aesthetically it allows people to see your eyes without seeing surrounding reflections, but functionally by cutting glare from outdoor, computers, television etc etc it allows for more natural vision.

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    Back-side anti glare offers all the features of that of general anti-glare (clearer vision, less eyestrain & fatigue). Additionally, it removes the mirror affect where your eyes are reflected on the backside of the lens which can be distracting otherwise.

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    These options will appropriately accommodate for stronger prescriptions and make them thinner. Based on your prescription that you input, we will show you ideal recommendation/s below in red.

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    You have notably high ASTIGMATISM. Consider adding HI INDEX lenses to minimize lens thickness.

    Based on the prescription inputted, we recommend the HI INDEX 1.60 option. 
    These lenses offer scratch resistance and will appropriately make your prescription lenses thinner in your selected frames.

    Based on the prescription you inputted, we recommend the HI INDEX POLY CARBONATE option. 
    These lenses are shatter resistant and often used for bulletproof materials. For children under the age of 18, USA requires polycarbonate to be used in prescription frames.

    Based on the prescription you inputted, we recommend the HI INDEX 1.67 option. 
    Thinner than 1.60 option and these options are also shatter resistant and is ideal for children under the age of 18. Given your inputted prescription, these lenses are ideal.

    Based on the prescription you inputted, we recommend the HI INDEX 1.74 option. 
    Thinnest lens options available, these options are best suited for your given prescription to achieve the best aesthetics in terms of lens thinness. They also feature aspheric lens design, which provides a flatter lens surface wihch minimizes the "coke bottle" effect.


The french eyewear house HARRY LARY’S offers original frames that combines creativity & elegance.

The combination of unusual high quality colored acetates, the development of exclusive materials and pure designs give the HARRY LARY’S collections a unique style.

The collection is completely hand-made in France with the best craftsmanship techniques and traditional know-how.

By working out the volume, the acetate flat front is made using a process more akin to sculpture than to regular cutting techniques.

Aside from the brand’s classics colors, each season new exclusive or vintage materials are added to the range creating unique color combinations.

HARRY LARY’S VAMPIRY frame is artsy and original. This elegantly angular framework showcases Harry Lary’s skill for crafting premium acetate, making modern designs that will hold their style status through multiple seasons.

Harry Lary’s Vampiry Eyeglasses


  • This style is designed and handmade in France.
  • The Harry Lary’s is a Full frame for Women, which is made 100% Premium Acetate
  • This model is ok to use with Progressive Prescriptions.
  • These Harry Lary’s eyeglasses are for those with adventurous style.
  • Harry Lary’s VAMPIRY comes with a cleaning cloth and protective carrying case.
Brand: Harry Lary’s
Price: $490.00


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