S Milky Way
Music Videos are IN! The THIERRY LASRY's Milky Way short movie is amazing!!! MILK RUN: Thierry Lasry and Ali Mahdavi make quite the pair. The Eyewear designer and the artist and fashion photographer hosted a cocktail on Friday night. It was to celebrate the release of a video they did together. Called Milky Way, the two-minute clip features a model swimming in a pool of milk. In it, she wears a glamorous pair of cat-eye sunglasses from the spring collection. “It was a challenging shoot,” said Lasry with a laugh, noting that you cannot really warm up the milk. The video will be used for social networks and in-store animations. The clip marks his first collaboration with Madhavi. “We’re both fans of the Eighties,” said Lasry. “It’s the most creative and unpretentious period. Claude Montana was a genius,” Mugler’s ex-assistant Mahdavi opined. Mahdavi said he’s working on a capsule collection of simple classics including a trenchcoat, a peacoat and a dress with Laurent Mercier, a former Balmain designer.   I thought Music videos were out like the MTV early 2000's but I was wrong. Check out the full video at www.thierrylasry.com   as featured in Thierry Lasry, Ali Madhavi Collaborate on Video by Laure Guilbaut for WWD.com #thierrylasry #sunglasses #milkyway #makeaspectacle #optyxnyc #love #fashion