Marketing in the eyewear industry has always been predominantly still frame eyewear ads, celebrity PR and the like.  One fantastic detail that tends to be overlooked is the aspect of video.  

From short films to campaign videos to behind-the-scenes closeup’s, the designer eyewear industry puts a substantial amount of energy into the details of such moving picture marketing.  Not only do these video shorts depict the eyewear at every angle, but they also offer a more in-depth look into the brand itself.  They allow for the viewer to feel a greater connection to the brand, and in turn feel a part of the larger picture- a participant of sorts. 

The glamour of Hollywood cinema has always dazzled on an international scale and these fantastic short films are no different.  Here, we bring you Miu Miu’s short film “It’s Getting Late” by Massy Tadjedin, the Oliver Peoples 2013 campaign video, and the “making of” Chanel’s latest eyewear campaign video.

These videos are not only interesting to watch, but full of surprising celebrities.  Miu Miu’s video features Aubrey Plaza, Patricia Clarkson, Gemma Arterton and Rinko Kikuchi.  Oliver Peoples’s campaign video stars Ray Liotta and Bar Paly, and Chanel’s behind-the-scenes video of course features the great Karl Lagerfeld, as well as an array of glamorous models and photographers.


Miu Miu: “It’s Getting Late”-


Oliver Peoples: 2013 Campaign-


Chanel: Photo Session with Laetita Casta-



Take a look at these great video shorts, then stop in at any Optyx location with your inspiration and try on some of the frames featured!


Lauren Yobs for Optyx