Kids Sunglasses

Kids Sunglasses

Kids Sunglasses are more than just swag for our future style mavens, its about protecting our littles from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Our littles are outside all day especially in the summer, its important to understand that they get about 80% of their lifetime ultraviolet (UV) dose by the age of 18. We protect them with sunscreen but we can't forget about their eyes.  Be sure to talk with your eyecare specialist about protecting their eyes and find a pair that fits their style. Here are a few tips from the VisionCouncil:
  • Have your child pick out a pair they like, so they may be more inclined to actually wear them.
  • Purchase sunglasses from a reputable retailer. Inexpensive party favors or holiday-themed shades are not always UV-protective and can have defects in the lens or frames that make them uncomfortable.
  • Consider purchasing sunglasses with polarized lenses to eliminate glare. This may have a more immediately beneficial effect, making your child more likely to keep wearing the glasses.
  • Check out clip-on sunglasses for kids who wear prescription lenses.
  • Make sure the sunglasses fit your children comfortably. Sunglasses that pinch or are scratched are less likely to be worn.
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