Chanel is a fashion brand so expansive that it has an overarching theme of class and timelessness, but also has individual personalities for each of its sub categories, such as accessories, handbags and eyewear.  

One image that has always been consistent with Chanel’s identity is the classic, ladylike, iconic string of pearls that has never gone out of style for true lovers of Chanel.  

The eyewear designers at Chanel were able to create a gorgeous paradox as a part of the 2013 eyewear collection.  The center design focus for the eyewear and campaign images is modernity and minimalism, and yet here sits a delicate string of pearls laid across the brim of these black acetate sunglasses from the new collection. 

The marriage of both modern and classic visuals in this pair of sunglasses, as well as the chic and timeless combination of white pearls against a black setting, really make this pair stand out. 

These CH 6038H’s are limited edition, so snap them up while you can!

Visit an Optyx location to see a range of styles in both sun and optical from the 2013 Chanel collection and choose your favorites! 


Lauren Yobs for Optyx