Aviators and cinema have always gone hand-in-hand, but the most popular use of this iconic frame shape is usually for, well, actual aviators.  Movies about the Air Force, popularly Top Gun, always include aviators in the wardrobe department. 

One unexpected iconic use of aviators comes from the 1967 Paul Newman classic, Cool Hand Luke. 

The decision of the wardrobe department to have the Warden wear aviator sunglasses was a deliberate one.  The mirrored lenses increased the Warden´s already detatched, and powerful stance, a sort of metaphorical armor.  With this accessory, none of the men could see the Warden´s eyes, and therefore could never read his emotions.  It was the choice of aviators that emphasized the Warden´s character.

Before this movie´s use, and after, aviators have been seen on every type of security professional from soldiers to mall cops.  However, aviators can also be seen in films centered around fashion, adventure, or comedy. 

The aviator is an extremely versitile choice when it comes to sunglasses, which makes it the perfect staple for any wardrobe!

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Lauren Yobs