One of Christian Bale’s iconic looks from the 2000 cult classic “American Psycho” included sporting a pair of Oliver Peoples frames in his Manhattan office.  

The movie itself might be on the darker side, but one thing we know for sure is that Christian Bale’s character, Patrick Bateman, prided himself on his competitive ability to stay ahead of the curve in fashion.  He wore the best suits, had the nicest luggage, and of course wore the highest quality eyewear.

Oliver Peoples has recently decided to do a small re-release of three vintage frames from that collection; the O’Malley, the Finley and the Kent (pictured above, from left to right).

The frames will be available in both optical and sun, with various acetate color options.

Want to try on a pair of Oliver Peoples frames today?  Stop in at an Optyx location near you and see how they look!


Lauren Yobs for Optyx