Check out this chic and modern ski wear collaboration by Moncler and Pharrell.  If 2013 has proven anything, it’s that both Moncler and Pharrell have accelerated to levels of success that are out of this world.  Perhaps that’s why these “lunettes du ski” are so very fabulously futuristic.  

Moncler has nearly doubled in recognition and sales this past quarter, becoming one of the most coveted brands in winter wear.  Pharrell had a fantastic year, most notably for being featured on Daft Punk’s hit single “Get Lucky,” as well as Robin Thicke’s single “Blurred Lines,” which was the Billboard Chart’s #1 song of the year.  Pharrell is also a known man of taste in both the art and fashion industries, spearheading three of his own fashion lines.  

The result of this fantastic collaborative eyewear effort?  This mirrored eyewear for skiers and snowboarders.  After seeing these shades, we may just take up winter sports…


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