Why does Black Friday always feel like a battlefield?  Because it sort of is a battlefield…

If you woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to fight through crowds of mall goers in search of sales, you’re probably squinting at the sun right about now wishing you could hit snooze on its glare for a few hours.  Our Black Friday early morning remedy?  A pair of oversized shades, like this gorgeous pair of Calgary FT227’s from Tom Ford.  

This is one of our favorite frame details, with stripes of brown, light blue and opal.  Delicate yet sturdy as armor against the unforgiving rays of sun that hit you as you step out of the mall this early Friday morning, these Calgary frames are sure to win the battle…at least until you and your shopping bags are home and back in bed!

Shop at Optyx this holiday season, we have fabulous designer sun and optical options in men’s, women’s and children’s. 


Lauren Yobs for Optyx