We at Optyx love a good cat eye.  It´s a look that never goes out of style, and has always been the epitome of femininity and mystery.  Another quality we love about the look is that there isn´t just one way to do it.  Different designers choose subtle differences in shape and color to maximize the effect. 

One cat we´re really loving?  Christian Dior´s Panther 2 (yes, that´s right, he´s got multiple Panthers for the choosing).  The Panther 2 comes in a multitude of color and pattern options including Black, Tortoise, Red, Blue and Multi.  We love the softness of the rounded edges of these frames, as opposed to the sharper wings of his Panther 1´s.  

Stop in at any Optyx to choose your favorite species of cat eye today!


Lauren Yobs for Optyx