It’s undeniable that a relatively strong undercurrent throughout Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film, “The Great Gatsby,” is eyewear.  The characters are constantly accessorizing their already stunning wardrobes and sporting lifestyles with stylish sunglasses.  Whether it be Tom Buchanan adding an air of mystery to his already imposing character, Gatsby himself driving around in his infamous yellow car, or Jordan Baker flouting her golfing skills, eyewear is everywhere.

Even the all-seeing, omnipresent billboard advertising the optometry services of T.J. Eckleburg, the billboard that is constantly in the background of the movie and the lives of the residents of East and West Egg, proves that this movie is truly all about the eyewear. 

The story may have been based on the roaring 20’s lifestyle, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the fantastic style of the age into your daily wardrobe. 

We chose some of our favorite Gatsby-inspired sunglasses by Persol.  We love the 1920’s-inspired elements, such as round lens shapes and surprising frame details.  So whether you’re a Tom, a Jordan, or even a Gatsby, choose your favorites, then stop in at an Optyx location to bring your new style off the silver screen and into your daily life!

Get the look with these Persol styles:

PO 0714 Suprema

PO 2388S Design

PO 3015S Suprema


Lauren Yobs for Optyx