Everyone loves a classic Aviator frame, the most popular being made of metals in silver, gold or matte tones.  Aviators work for any season, and they’re a staple in the wardrobes of everyone from the fashion elite to the armed forces.

How are designers breathing new life into the classic Aviator?  Tortoise!  Whether it’s included as the whole frame, as in Prada’s or Gucci’s looks, or incorporated in heavy touches like these Oliver Peoples frames, tortoise Aviators have taken over.

Tortoise, like cheetah and other brown-toned animal prints, go great with the fall fashion palette of burgundy, navy, emerald, grey and white hues, then they transition perfectly into any spring or summer wardrobe.  Fly a pair of tortoise Aviators out on a tropical vacation this winter and they’ll still fit right in!  Versatile and chic, we’re loving this look!  

Get the look:

Tom Ford Cole Aviators (FT0285)

Tom Ford Cyrille Aviators (FT0109 08R)

Prada Aviators (SPR09M-2AU-F0301)

Oliver Peoples Soloist Aviators (P000041457)

Gucci Medium Aviator G

Chloe Aviators (CL2224)

Ray Ban Aviator Large (RB3025JM)

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Lauren Yobs for Optyx