Thierry Lasry PAINTY


For French Designer Thierry Lasry, eyewear was seemingly destined. Born the son of a designer and optician, creating his own line of eyewear was a natural and perfect progression. The self entitled brand “Thierry Lasry”, launched in 2006, takes a very fresh avant-garde approach to sunglasses. Based off the concept of “futuristic-vintage” they utilize vintage designs and color palettes, but incorporate an updated modern touch with a surprising ease. All Hand-Made in France, Thierry Lasry sunglasses use only the best materials. You can just feel the difference in quality. Due to the optical background of the designer they also pay close attention to fit. These are far from your average “look-alike” shades, you can tell the thought that goes into each and every truly stunning piece. You will find no big emblems or logo’s here, the creativity and quality are the corner stone for the brand. For each season’s collection months are spent on everything from meticulously designing the new frames to finding the absolute perfect acetate which will be exclusive to the collection. A perfect example of this are the particular multi-color styles crafted from vintage acetate from the 1980’s. So while all his pieces are in limited supply, these frames even more so, because once gone it is not possible to make more! The brands charm and style even extends to the frames names, all of which end in a “y” to mimic the ending of his first and last name. So styles include unique names such as “Attracty”,” Lively”, “Abusy”…

Thierry Lasry PAINTY Eyeglasses

  • This style is designed and handmade in France.
  • Thierry Lasry PAINTY Sunglass is made from Premium Italian Acetate.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses with UVA/ UVB Protection.
  • Thierry Lasry Sunglasses come with a signature print cleaning cloth and protective carrying case.
Brand: Thierry Lasry
Price: $540.00