Cody Air Archytas
ARCHYTAS: (428–347 BC) was as an Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician,astronomer, statesman, and strategist. He was a scientist of the Pythagorean school and famous for being the reputed founder of mathematical mechanics, as well as a good friend of Plato. He was reputed to have designed and built the first artificial, self-propelled flying device, a bird-shaped model propelled by a jet of what was probably steam, said to have actually flown some 200 meters. Archytas by Cody Air.  OPTYX - Luxury for everyone ARCHYTAS FRAME SPECIFICATIONS: Base Curve: 5 Measurements: 52 ? 16 - 130 Available Colors: Moroccan Blue/Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Cappuccino/Sea Foam Blue, Plum